The Lowes Swimming Pool

Hidden in the heart of the Lowes complex you will discover our heated indoor pool, it is the perfect place for a relaxing swim,
playtime with the family or energising lengths.

Changing room


 Pool surround seating

 Outside seating area

 Bi-fold doors

Your Swim must be booked in advance and is available for use daily between 8am & 8pm. 

Available for Lowes residents, as well as, Plover House & Tern Place holiday cottages only

  • Book Your Swim

    Our swimming pool is only available to our residents of the Lowes complex, as well as, Plover House & Tern Place holiday lets only.

    Slots of one hour per day, per property.

  • Pool Information

    The swimming pool water is heated to between 28 & 30 C

    The pool measurements are

    Length 11m

    Width 5.6m

    Shallow end 1.1m

    Deep end 1.9m

  • Covid-19 Regulations

    The government has announced that indoor pools may re-open with effect from Saturday 25th July 2020 subject to following guidelines from both HM Government & Swim England.

    Key changes are promoting safe social distancing & an enhanced hygiene regime.

    Pool Water

    The chlorine dosage has been increased to a minimum 1.5mg/1 (up from 0.96mg/1) in line with guidance from Swim England the official body for swimming pools

    Booking Your Swim

    The pool will be open between 8am & 8pm daily & available to book in one hour slots.

    This is a maximum one slot per property per day.

    Maximum pool time is one hour & includes, arrival, changing & leaving.


    Fresh air is the best form of natural ventilation & we ask that you open the bi-fold doors back as far as the wooden barrier before you swim. You will need to turn the knob on the door to unlock  it & then turn the handle. After that, fold back the doors & then they will stop when you reach the end position by the barrier.

    When you leave please shut & lock the doors once more.

    Beach Style Turn Up & Swim

    We are practising a beach style, turn up & swim - come ready changed.

    We encourage swimmers to shower directly before leaving home.

    On Arrival At The Pool

    Use the hand sanitiser station at the entrance to the pool before you open the door.

    All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult for the whole time.

    Any equipment/swim aids bought into the pool area must be clean & identifiable as yours before arrival.

    In the Water

    Space- Always attempt to maintain appropriate social distance between yourself & another swimmer.

    A maximum of 8 people may be in the pool at any one time.

    Do not make physical contact with other participants.

    Resting- Be mindful of others

    Departing The Pool

    Leave the venue as soon as you can to allow others to use their booked slot safely & with minimal interaction between households.

    Take any equipment/swim aids with you at the end of your session. This includes your pool towels.